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What if a lack of intentionality is hurting your marriage?

Intentionality is being deliberate, doing something on purpose. You dated with a purpose, you got engaged for a purpose. Your marriage deserves the same kind of intentionality. Happy couples are intentional. Our Intentional Marriage website provides content and resources for married couples. These resources will guide you into a different kind of conversation. Conversations which will help you understand each other better, develop compassion for misunderstood behavior and navigate conflict in a way that leads to feeling close again.

  • Kelli Hall
    Danielle and Russ taught us how to fight more fairly and love more deeply. They’ve helped us become a stronger couple with better tools to navigate the ups and downs of a healthy marriage.
    Kelli Hall
  • Drew Hendrix
    It was either divorce or be miserable for the rest of our lives, but through Christ, community, and mentors we have hope and happiness!
    Drew Hendrix
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  • Who is your audience?
    • The majority of our audience are married couples but we do have some single members, who are being intentional in their dating to insure a successful marriage by learning about issues marriages run into.
  • Do you help engaged couples?
    • We privately mentor couples but we do not have a formal engagement program at this time.
  • Do you counsel couples who are struggling?
    • No, we are not certified counselors. We strongly recommend to seek out Gottman Certified Therapists.
  • How often do you post fresh content?
    • Daily Instagram postings, Weekly Blog postings, Weekly Podcast postings and a Live Webinar once a month.
  • What can we expect from the paid product of Webinars?
    • New content each month. The majority of the time we will be live unless our schedule prevents it. And it's the best way to interact with both of us in real time.
  • Do you have to be a member to see your content?
    • Good question. It's free to become a 'Blog' Member. It provides access to both Blogs and Podcasts.
      • 'Webinar' Members who choose to pay the monthly fee will have access to Webinars, in addition to the Blogs and Podcasts.