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Week 1 and Week 2 of the 'Wives Who Thrive' Workshop is all about getting to know yourself and your spouse with assessments.


Week 3 and 4 is the second phase with introduction to weekly exercises, which will create a stronger relational bond.


Week 5 and Week 6 is the essence of our program where you will learn how to repair instead of swear!


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Avoid becoming roomates. Invest in your marriage by learning new communication methods, which will grow stronger over time.


Imagine the peace of mind of being on the same page with your partner!


I tend to approach my relationship with my husband with the mindset "How can I make him better". I love how the foundation of this workshop is premised on self-examination---I've learned that the key to improving our relationship is found by each of us working to better understand ourselves and making small changes in our own behavior. ~Kelli H.

My fiancé and I are preparing for marriage and found this workshop to offer real-life, problem-solving examples, and advice that we can implement in our daily lives. The most noticeable shift we've experienced is our ability to communicate more intentionally, taking our personality assessments into consideration, and connecting weekly to "check-in" to create emotional safety. ~Rachel K.

I'm now definitely paying attention to “flooding” and pausing when I know it’s happening. This is a workshop that’s applicable to newly married through multiple years married. If we aren’t constantly working on our marriages then we can’t be disappointed if we don’t have a thriving marriage. ~Jean F.

This workshop taught me some wonderful tips to implement with my husband, both as far as my approach with/to him, as well as how we navigate ourselves as a couple. It also taught me that satisfaction in my marriage can be largely affected by me: my own thoughts & behaviors that I bring to the table! And, relationship issues can still be worked on even if learning & implementing is being done by 1 person in the couple at a/any given point in time. ~Kelly L.

There is definite value in the course. HUGE! I immediately used a lot of the tips during the frequent opportunities I had in conflict with my husband. Trying to be emotionally safe for him is huge. Danielle helped me work on a mind shift change around conflict. I have 2 new key phrases we learned in the workshop now in my relationship tool bag. I learned that I don’t have to agree with his reality, but I can agree with his hurt. I look forward to growing closer to my husband! ~Hillary K.

I have always desired to be more intentional in strengthening our marriage but wasn’t sure how to effectively go about it. Now, I feel like I have some guidance and incredible tools to deepen my relationship with my husband! ~ Lauren A.

This workshop is a much-needed outlet for wives just like me - real women who are looking for an environment that offers encouragement, coaching, and an open forum approach. I left the session each week feeling equipped because Danielle provided a safe space, offered life-applicable resources, and gave transformative marriage advice that was based on research-proven methods. ~ Lauren S.

Through the Wives Who Thrive workshop, I've learned positive and authentic ways to communicate with my husband by letting him know I'm here for him, I care for him, and I appreciate him. I can't wait to see how putting these into practice will grow our bond with each other. Thank you Danielle! ~Donna L.

This workshop changed the direction of my marriage. At 5 years of marriage, we had hit a complete wall in communicating with each other. During this workshop, I learned the intense value of finding common ground with my husband during an argument. Finding something we agree on is a very practical way to remind ourselves that disagreements are always Us versus The Problem, and never Me versus Him. This has absolutely transformed the way we face disagreements! We have learned a much healthier way of handling conflict and it makes all the difference! ~Daye W.

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What if there was a workshop you can access on-demand and walk you through the steps to repair instead of swear when you need a friendly reminder! Change your fate in how you communicate!

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