It’s interesting how we grow up going to ballet lessons, playing the piano, taking tennis lessons but we don’t necessarily arrange ‘Life Coach’ lessons or align ourselves with a Mentor. Perhaps the closest person to filling that role organically is a Youth Pastor or a Small Group Leader from church.

Our parents and the school system were our Life Coach/Mentors but unless you’re lucky with your profession, you’re pretty much on your own after college.

We’ve developed an 8 week online course to walk you through the different facets of life, pulling from our own experiences to help you make a big impact in all areas of your life! In addition to the course, you'll be joining into community with 9 other women, online each week, to talk about successes and ideas!

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Here’s how 'The Inner Circle' Mentorship core curriculum works:

  • Access to Video and Exercises online, which you will watch and work on individually.
  • Each week we will conduct Online Video Calls where you can share successes and discuss obstacles. ('The Inner Circle' group will include up to 10 women.)
  • 'The Inner Circle’ Private Facebook community is a great place of accountability and allows you to continue the conversation. Your membership never expires.


What I’ve learned from Mentoring a group of women vs a One-to-One relationship is the small group dynamic is far more powerful. Instead of ideas and suggestions coming from one person, the collective group speaks into each person thus gaining different perspectives. One mentor will never have strengths in all arenas of life. I believe mentoring together is 10x stronger than doing this individually!


The Weekly Calls will allow us to meet virtually, keeping the investment of time to this group to a minimum and reserving the time saved for our friends and family. On these calls we will be able to share successes and discuss ideas. You’ll be included in the Private Facebook Group where you can continue the conversation offline. My husband and I have led short term small groups for 8 weeks, twice a year since 2012, and I can tell you from experience, people enter in as strangers and leave as friends.



How much are you willing to invest in taking your goals to the next level? Where else can you learn about developing all facets of life. There are groups called Masterminds but they can cost thousands of dollars a month and the commitment is usually a year.
The Online Mentoring Course is an 8 week program.
If this Mentoring process sounds appealing to you, enroll today!

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  • Meriam Dolan
    "Mentoring has provided me an opportunity for tremendous growth. Danielle was such a gentle and direct leader. She listened to me but also challenged me. I became more equipped in many areas of my life and my vision for my life became more clear. I would highly recommend this mentoring program. You will not regret any time you put toward growing your relationships with healthy knowledgeable people. You will be better for it!"
    Meriam Dolan
  • Melinda Denison
    We all have goals and dreams, but they take a little longer to achieve when we isolate our journey. It’s easy to feel stuck, or lose momentum in certain seasons of life without having the outside perspective of a mentor. The mentorship I’ve experienced from Danielle has been life changing; especially in regards to my business and personal relationships. I’m so grateful for being challenged and for the outpouring of wisdom and advice from this program.
    Melinda Denison
Online Mentoring - The Inner Circle

+8 Week Course Curriculum

+Live Online Group Meeting every Week

+Private 'Inner Circle' Facebook Group

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  1. Introduction
  2. Spirituality
  3. Financial
  4. Family
  5. Relationships
  6. Parenting
  7. Professional
  8. Friendship

Meet Your Mentor ~ Danielle West

Chandler and Danielle on Mother's Day! May 2018

Meet Your Mentor ~ Danielle West

Goal-oriented women are always looking for ways to improve upon how they show up in this world through their career, family, friendships, etc… but sometimes the journey can feel a bit isolating. The Inner Circle provides mentorship, encouragement and exclusive community by teaching life principles I have learned, along with the camaraderie of like minded women, which continues long after the course is over.
My name is Danielle West and I will be your guide in mentoring you through this online course. It is a call I initially resisted but God has shown me that simply sharing my life experiences can help launch women I love even further, faster. My background includes a corporate career for 20 years, married late in life into a blended family, became a stepmom, started a small business and eventually launched this membership website with my husband called Intentional Marriages. 
It is my goal to help you identify, challenge and grow your strengths in your relationships, your career and your family and ultimately to align yourself with long term mentors. Join us today in The Inner Circle.
Any questions please email Danielle West.