Learn how to create a safe emotional environment for both you and your spouse.

What if a lack of intentionality is hurting your marriage?

Intentionality is being deliberate, doing something on purpose. You dated with a purpose, you got engaged for a purpose. Your marriage deserves the same kind of intentionality. Our Intentional Marriage website provides content and resources for married couples. These resources will guide you into a different kind of conversation. Conversations which will help you understand each other better, develop compassion for misunderstood behavior and navigate conflict in a way that leads to feeling close again.

  • Kelli Hall
    Danielle and Russ taught us how to fight more fairly and love more deeply. They’ve helped us become a stronger couple with better tools to navigate the ups and downs of a healthy marriage.
    Kelli Hall
  • Drew Hendrix
    It was either divorce or be miserable for the rest of our lives, but through Christ, community, and mentors we have hope and happiness!
    Drew Hendrix

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